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IOT & Wearables Development

With a tremendous growth of sensors and smart devices, IOT App Development is the future of application development. IOT solutions provide high level of intelligence & automation efficiency offering real-time information to the business. Harnessing the power of IOT provides a whole new level of shopping experience which directly contribute to the business success. With huge amount of data, you can easily analyze it, predict and plan leading to cost savings.

LotzAp services include everything, right from hardware integration to Custom IOT application development on the Cloud. Our certified Big Data professionals can decipher from the real time data and are able to provide solutions to strategize, plan for the future. With a strong understanding of hardware and the technologies, we can create API’s, interfaces and protocol handling suggesting best IOT solutions for the business. We provide IOT & Wearable solutions for all industries & domains including healthcare, smart appliances for homes & offices, smart energy devices, automotive, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), transportation & logistics and smart consumer devices etc. 

We offer smart and custom IOT & Wearable apps for: