Visual SearchArtificial Intelligence has the power to change the way we search, the way we shop. Let us understand via an example- we spot something we love. We want that thing. But we have no idea what brand it is or where to buy it. Without all these important details, we go online and make search but we get just a few, irrelevant results. Here comes Visual Search, it allows us to use an image to search for other similar or related visual assets & we need not try and guess the style, brand, and retailers. We just have to click a picture of the thing we spot. upload the image on Visual Search Tool, and immediately find the exact same thing or one like it. All your customers need is to turn their minds and tap into the abilities of the Visual Search Engine Services by LotzAp. Our AI & Machine Learning Development team ensures your business grows rapidly and robustly with the help of expertise and experience in the same.

The Visual Search is dedicated to search and classify information about images we upload on the search engine. There are a lot of Visual Search Engine Providers, and everyone has a unique and different functionality than another. If you want your own, just send an inquiry! 

Recent Applications of Visual Search-

  • Reverse image search
  • Metadata search
  • Identify image type
  • Identify the object precisely
  • Shopping online
  • Optical character recognition with visual search
  • Augmented reality with visual search