Video Production Services

LotzAp is a video production company founded in 2017. With a team of about 50 employees, LotzAp provides video production,2D, 3D, and graphic design services primarily for small and medium market businesses in advertising, marketing, and media industries. LotzAp excels in delivering video production and 2D and 3D animation content that creates customers for the business. LotzAp Solutions make incredibly beautiful explainer videos, 2D animated and 3D animated videos, illustrations, and mascot & character designing to impeccably express your business products, services, and approach. There are many different types of video production. The most common include TV and film production, web commercials, television commercials, product videos, corporate videos, marketing videos, customer testimonial videos, wedding videos, event videos. Our video production services department has the equipment and expertise necessary to edit, shoot, script, produce and distribute your video successfully, and in a way that places with and s upports your marketing goals.

Video Production Services

 . Video marketing strategy         .  Sipcrtwriting and editing      .  Single-camera and multi-camera shoots    Video editing       

 3D and 2D graphics                     Motion graphics                       .  Color correction                                                  .  Voice Overs           

 .  Fully ADA-compliant videos     .  Video distribution                   Video hosting                                                        . Multilingual videos with closed captioning     

 .  Custom designed graphics and illustrations from the graphic design department                                             .  Professional video and lighting equipment