Surveying Drone Solutions

Increase safety and reduce costs with integrated drone solutions provided by LotzAp for surveying and mapping projects. Collecting and analyzing data to produce invaluable insights for informed decision making, risk management, and planning, all improving your bottom line. Surveying and mapping industrial environments are time-consuming, difficult and often dangerous. The completely automatic Airobotics platform is a professional tool that allows surveyors and mappers to collect unlimited aerial data and precise measurements while saving time, money and manpower. Eliminating the logistics of drone operations, Airobotics provides scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection, and premium processing and analytics capabilities to support critical processes such as stockpile volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning and more. Without compromising the demanding requirements of the profession, this precision-driven solution simplifies the surveying process with pre-defined mapping missions. The drone is automatically deployed and landed and the system analyzes the aerial data, creating highly accurate, best-in-class orthophotos and digital elevation models to assist in surveying reports.

LotzAp provides 3D mapping as a simple platform to allow those who need accurate, high-resolution aerial mapping data such as Orthophoto, DEM, DSM, 3D Point Cloud, 3D Model, Contour Lines & many formats.

Benefits of getting surveying drone solutions:

.   No expensive equipment purchases or maintenance necessary           .   No leased equipment or expensive subscriptions

.   No costly training, certifications, or aviation insurance                           .   No do-it-yourself regulatory adherence

.   No data output management needed