Servers can have many functions, and there are many reasons you may be forced to migrate your servers. Whether it’s a strategic move to a hosted computing setting, dealing with a data loss incident, moving servers to enhance business intelligence, or to build a simpler computing construct, migration is an extremely detailed process. One that needs the information and experiences a trained IT skilled will offer. At LotzAp, our technicians not solely perceive how vital your servers are for your business, the hold the certifications required to form your company’s server migration go smoothly. The LotzAp delivers migration options that you may not have considered. Armed with trade best practices, and today’s most dynamic computing solutions, we will get your information, infrastructure, applications, and additional migration services with success. Every migration is vital, and moving whole computing platforms from one server to a different, whether or not that server may be a physical or virtual server, it has to be done with care. For smaller jobs, like cloud application migrations, our technicians will do most of the work remotely, and quickly transfer the controls, application, and information over to a new server.