SalesforceCRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution that drives the customers and companies together. It is the world’s number one and integrated CRM platform for hundreds of industry verticals and for all the departments- sales, marketing, commerce, and service. LotzAp understands that you need a solution that fits your own peculiar business processes in an intuitive and effective way. Salesforce offers a completely open ecosystem and has been specifically designed for configuration and customization. We can extend your organization’s functionalities with Salesforce Customization to meet your specific needs. 

We develop Custom Salesforce Solutions that build-up your Salesforce CRM functionalities, permitting you to carry out a multitude of tasks. LotzAp ensures your business processes are kept intact by Salesforce Customization to suit your processes. We help you to achieve a magnificently Customized Salesforce which will become a driving force for your sales and marketing teams to append a new value to your business. Our proficient Salesforce Development team possesses a deep knowledge of the Salesforce Cloud platforms:  Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. We offer Salesforce Implementation Services that are aligned to the operations, size and processes of your business to ensure you get the perfect Customized Salesforce Solution as per your requirements.

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