React jsLotzAp offers you highly interactive and innovative websites with expertise and skills. Our rich experience in React JS Web Development and Custom Development provides an enriching experience to our clients and the customers. We are abreast of the latest releases from React JS and take an extra step to train our pool thus helping our clients by implementing the latest features and functionalities. As React is a lightweight JavaScript library that supports only UI components it has to be complemented with other libraries, tools, technologies or frameworks in order to build a complete architecture. With the continuous enhancement, React JS web development offers numerous possibilities such as real-time updates, server-side rendering, different rendering targets such as Android, iOS and so on. LotzAp React JS experts develop robust and easy-to-access Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with many dynamic features. React JS helps to create intuitive designs for your applications that have high aesthetic value and provide custom plugins that will extend the functionality of  React JS Web Applications.

It has some unique features such as-

.   Virtual DOM                                     .   JavaScript XML                                       .   One way data Binding

.   Declarative                                       .   Component-based framework