Project Description

Many skiers and outdoor winter enthusiasts have difficulty maintaining warmth in cold and austere environments. Many cold weather garments that are intended for warmth and protection from the elements aren’t developed and manufactured in a manner that allows the consumer to remain warm and safe.
AppWEAR provide heated garments that allow the user to remain warm and safe, and control their temperature with a mobile application from their smart phone. The mobile application have an interface with the ability to track their movements and activities. The AppWEAR v1 product consist of men’s and women’s vests controlled by a standalone application which is supported by Bluetooth technology. The app is available for Android and Apple iOS.
We’ve created a useful and enjoyable user experience that is compatible with all ski and outdoor areas and AppWEAR garments. The AppWEAR app will use Google for directions, geocoding, geolocating and additional API web services. The Bluetooth protocols are power on/off, temperature control, battery life, avalanche warnings and visibility to other AppWEAR mobile app users. We intend to market the app as a standalone product and then convert app users to garment consumers. Conversely, we will market the AppWEAR heated vest as a tech wearable garment and drive the AppWEAR mobile application adoption.