Project Description

People come to us when they are hurt, scared, and vulnerable. The day we avowed the attorney oath, we were cloaked with the duty to defend their rights. We are their protection. rEsq themselves with confidence.


Our communities trust us to find them competent legal representation. Seek recommendations from your attorney networks. Look at past successful referrals based on areas of law, location, and/or language. Evaluate an attorney’s credentials, experience, and achievements.


Engage in live communication with attorneys. Eliminate barriers to efficiency, such as websites, voicemails and secretaries. Access to instant, and direct messaging. Send clients contact information /documents. Receive notifications on referrals. Secure your referral fee electronically.


Both parties benefit. The referring party does not forego a referral fee, a routine occurrence. Now we can locate advocates and secure payment for referrals effortlessly. On the other end, the referred party can retain a new client they would not have otherwise.