Project Description

UnifiedAR augmented reality app allows you to have a far more engaging and rewarding augmented reality experience from the many brands that use UnifiedAR DIY marketing platform to better connect and service their customers.

Simply download the UnifiedAR app and scan augmented reality content that has been created by some of the world’s largest brands to provide you with the best experience possible.

For End Users
UnifiedAR augmented reality app is simple to use. Download, open and point your device camera at augmented reality enabled markers and see them come to life with interactive video or 3D content.

For Businesses
Use the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) UnifiedAR augmented reality platform to develop augmented reality experiences that can be delivered via the UnifiedAR app. Engage with your audience by delivering video or 3D content that is interactive and memorable. Measure your audience’s engagement via detailed live reports and use this data to power up your other digital marketing strategies.

How to use UnifiedAR?
1. Download and open the UnifiedAR app
2. Point your mobile camera at a UnifiedAR augmented reality marker or image (make sure the entire marker is visible; and ensure adequate lighting)
3. Watch as the UnifiedAR brings your augmented reality experience to life

Trail UnifiedAR augmented reality platform for free. Visit the website to register for a free trial or for more information. For questions and information,