LotzAp offers customizable engagement models to businesses which offer customer satisfaction, transparency, quality delivery, cost effectiveness and scalable. Our models are based on business requirements, financial & technical considerations.

Time & Material

When defining the business requirement is an evolving process, T&M model is the best option to move forward. Based on the finalized tasks, we provide the task / time estimates and resource details to be deployed on the project. Once the things are ironed out, based on the project plan we ensure to deliver quality output in the specified time.

This model allows businesses to scale up or down the resource requirement based on the preparedness of the requirements. This flexibility offers cost-effectiveness of operation and allows us to deliver as and when desired.

Fixed Price Model

When the requirements are finalized the way to move forward is asking for a fixed price of the project. Such projects are provided a detailed estimate with delivery timelines attached to it. This model allows you to interview / interact with our team members and helps you to select the best for the project execution.

Once all requisite details are sorted out, one of our Project Manager is assigned the responsibility to ensure smooth communication with you, manage team members / tasks to ensure timely and quality delivery.