LOGO DETECTIONMagnify your marketing plans with LotzAp AI-based Logo Detection. Our Logo Detection Software allows you to achieve good results and gain a fierce edge across different domains. The aim of Logo Detection is to categorize an image into a particular brand and identify the location of the logo as it can be considered as unusual detection of the event and has a high demand for low false position rates.

 Logo recognition helps marketing teams to find mentions of your brand in social media posts that contain no words – all you need is a recognizable image of your brand’s logo to be present somewhere in the photo, promote organizations with their Online Reputation Management. Logo Detection offers new opportunities for next-level digital marketers as it obtains user insight, analyze large-scale events, see user reviews via implicit brand mentions, track negative sentiment towards your brand, identify thought leaders, discover “Instagrammable” people, understand user experience to a higher degree. 

If someone involves your brand in negative comments, so with the help of the Logo Detection Tool you’ll be informed before the world. Using Logo Detection you can find images of your logo that you’ve posted online to quantify how successful each event was. There are some more benefits of Logo Detection and here, at LotzAp, we always invest a lot of time and effort in order to serve our clients with the best suitable solutions and provide the ultimate Logo Detection Services.

Why should you need to invest in Logo Detection Tool-

  • To identify and monitor crises
  • To find true brand associations 
  • For brand protection
  • For evaluating sponsorships
  • For customer services