CUSTOM IMAGE RECOGNITION When you post a picture of you and your friends on any social media platform, everyone’s faces will be recognized and get automatically tagged: that’s Image Recognition. To train an Artificial Intelligence Model that can classify whatever we want it to recognize in pictures, it involves lots of expertise in the use of Deep Learning libraries and Applied Mathematics not to mention the amount of time involved and stress you have to go through to write the code for the algorithm and fit the code to your images. 

LotzAp offers pre-trained models and the opportunity to build flexible Custom Image Recognition Models depending on your use case. We have a proactive team with many years of experience in developing Artificial Intelligent projects and expertise in various domains in order to deliver high-quality products.


Applications of Custom Image Recognition Tools-

  •   For automated image organization of large databases & visual websites
  •   Image Recognition on social networks such as Facebook
  •   Image classification for stock websites
  •   Enabling interactive brand campaigns.  

If you are able to engage the user, chances are, your user will simply come back to your app. Image Recognition ensures your app to engage the users since the technology allows you to expand beyond the limitations of the mobile device and into the user’s physical world.