Consumer Sentiment Analysis is a method of processing information in text format often social media, to determine the opinions of customers and their responses. Analysis of the data allows companies to assess the reaction of customers either it is positive or negative or the owners of the product are facing major technical problems. The applications of Consumer Sentiment Analysis are broad and powerful. LotzAp’s AI & Machine Learning Developers combines advanced linguistic algorithms and machine learning in order to provide the product with cutting edge features and functionality. Our Consumer Sentiment Analysis Services provides a highly accurate visual representation of customers’ opinions and sentiments about a company or a product, based on analysis of text data. We can analyze the data from a variety of media such as social media, customer reviews, mass media including newspapers and television, and business data from questionnaires and call centers.

Consumer Sentiment Analysis is the process of assembling opinions of a brand’s audience or an individual customer or with a customer service representative. It helps determine language, voice inflections, and conversations to analyze emotions or reactions related to a business, product, or brand. Consumer Sentiment Analysis has its hands in various areas. For example, it can be performed on social media to determine the sentiments of users on a trending topic.