construction Drone solutions

LotzAp offers the best Drone-based solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector. You can utilize drone data to prevent common construction mistakes in activities like site balancing, concrete layout, quantity tracking, fulfillment verification, and schedule tracking. Our drone solutions will help you in elevating your view of build. Whether you’re managing job sites, subcontractors, or clients, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to improve your project management toolset.

More and more players in the construction industry are turning to drones in order to reduce waste, optimize operations and help projects stay on track. From eliminating the need for expensive manned aerial imaging to gather highly accurate data, drones are helping key stakeholders on a job site to deploy and manage resources more efficiently. You’re able to see data gathered in the field virtually anywhere you are through the cloud. You can create a safer environment for workers by getting into hard-to-reach or dangerous places quickly and efficiently with drones. 

Construction drones and UAV technologies deliver the actionable project intelligence you need. LotzAp’s construction drone services capture multiple perspectives at varying elevations of your project. Our UAVs fly 10x closer than standard aerial photography. We provide UAV mapping services powered by DroneDeploy, the global leader in drone software. With an interactive, 3D UAV map of your site, you gain the unprecedented ability to instantly view, measure and manage your project.

Benefits of getting construction drone solutions:

.   No expensive equipment purchases or maintenance necessary         .No leased equipment or expensive subscriptions

.   No automated flight path limitations                                                          .No costly training, certifications, or aviation insurance

.   No do-it-yourself regulatory adherence                                                      .No data output management needed