Codeigniter Solutions

CodeIgniter has become a famous PHP Web Development Framework that is being the preference for many skillful Web Developers and Programmers. It is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern and makes the Web Development job easier and faster. LotzAp engaged Codeigniter Development Services have impressed our clients by consistently fulfilling their business requirements, bringing in privilege from the industry leaders. We have delivered Codeigniter development solutions to a variety of business verticals ranging from E-Commerce, Healthcare, Social Media to Edutech. If you’re having a thrilling idea, feel free to share with us to get our Custom Codeigniter Development Services from our skilled developers. LotzAp’s team of knowledgeable PHP developers use the facility of CodeIgniter to create nice content sites and small-to-medium web applications for our clients worldwide. It’s goal is to alter you to develop quicker than you may if you were writing code from scratch, by providing an upscale set of libraries for commonly required tasks, in addition to a straightforward interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter enables you to creatively target your project by minimizing the number of code required for a given task. We challenge you to seek out a framework that has higher performance than CodeIgniter.

Features of Codeigniter-

.   Extremely Light Weight                   .   Query Builder Database Support                       .     Session Management and Database Filtering

.   Localization                                         .   Image Manipulation Library                               .     Error Logging                   

.   Full Page Caching etc.

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