Big Data Solutions

We have HORTONWORKS certified Professionals.

LotzAp is a huge fact solution business enterprise providing offerings to groups to help them expand and implement a comprehensive Big Data strategy. This can assist them to optimize every possible method and streamline them collectively to power the maximum possible revenues. We leverage effective open source tools and also increase custom huge facts software to supply values throughout the whole enterprise. Our team is skilled enough to guide you through the entire development cycle of the Big Data solution which you are searching for. Whatever your need or goal, our goal remains the same to provide you end-to-stop processes to help you achieve your long-time period Business Intelligence and Analytics goals.

Data science is the base for business growth, where cost and risk decrease, and even new business model creations are done. Data science targets to extract insight from data in different ways, the structured and unstructured both. It’s a multidisciplinary field, includes everything from applied mathematics to statistics and artificial intelligence to machine learning.

Today so many firms are using data science to get the value of Big Data with actionable insights to allow for data-driven choices for products and services that decrease consumer’s churn, improve customer surety, optimize operations and re-define business strategies and grow profits.