Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning

LotzAp provides Artificial Intelligence Services according to the client requirement, nature of their business,  need according to usage and we also unlock the possibilities of Artificial intelligence with our dynamic and reliable solutions that can scale to meet changing business needs and support diverse environments. From Self driving cars to SIRI, Cortana and Google Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly. Today people want each and everything to be automated in order to increase ease & comfort in life because AI is considered more intelligent than humans. When we talk about Machine Learning, it is one of the most dominant and robust technologies in today’s world. Most of us don’t know that every single day we interact with Machine Learning as every time we Google something, watch a video, listen to a song or even take a picture. 

There is a quite difference between Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning- Artificial Intelligence is the multidisciplinary concept of machines being able to accomplish tasks in a manner that we would consider “smart”.

    Machine Learning is a platform for changing information into knowledge. It is AI-based current application around the concept that we should be able to give machines access to data and allow them to learn for themselves.     


o   Text Analysis           o  Predictive Analysis            o   Consumer Sentiments Analysis               o   Natural Language Processing

o   Logo Detection       o   Face Recognition               o   Custom Image Recognition                       o   Visual Search