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AR-VR App Development

VR is about creating a virtual world to replace the real world. AR delivers virtual elements to the real world instead of replacing it. AR VR technology delivers interactive, engaging customer experiences to provide impetus to your business and improve brand value. AR VR technology adds a new dimension to ecommerce business by allowing a totally new buying experience that is fun, engaging and entertaining as well thus helps in boosting the sales and revenues.

LotzAp emphasis is always on exploring and implementing new technologies that are beneficial to customers and business. Our years of experience in C / C++ gives us a strong lead as C / C++ is the most used programming language for AR VR development. Our consultants provide business centric solutions by using the latest framework of Apple / Google such as ARKit / ARCore and other supported platforms like Unreal, Xamarin, Vuforia, and web.

We offer AR & VR solutions for industry module: