2D Animations

LotzAp offers a wide range of creative design services. We a team of experienced animators and graphic designers, who maximize the deployment of world-class infrastructure to deliver outstanding 2D animation services in the animation industry and any other industry. Support with extensive experience, we serve the entire 2D animation requirements of clients starting right from the creation of storyboards until the design of characters for traditional animation and commercial animation.2D Animation figures are edited or created on the computer using 2D vector graphics and 2D bitmap graphics. 2D Animation has many applications, Flash Animation, PowerPoint animation, and analog computer animation. This includes automated computerized versions of traditional animation techniques, interpolated rotoscoping, interpolated morphing, and onion skinning. 2D Animation focuses on creating storyboards, backgrounds, and characters in a two-dimensional environment and creates movements in a two-dimensional artistic space. 2D (two-dimensional) animation videos have become an inevitable part of our present fast-moving world. It is a form of art in the era of online media and social media. The benefits of 2D animation are innumerable. From playing a key role in the growth of small businesses to boosting your educational purposes and social media traffic. Two-dimensional (2D) animations are used in the gaming industry for a lot of purposes, such as designing game props, characters, scenes, and more as per the project needs of the client…We can create responsive HTML5 banner, customized 2D logo animations, specialized in creating whiteboard animated videos, motion graphics, high-quality 2D animated gifs and many more.